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UK Market Leader
Over 175 Public and Private Hospital installations

Happy Customers
700 sites, 200,000 active users, Single to Multisite
Integration Experts
PACS, EHR, VNA, PAS, Order Comms and Kiosks
Est. 1985
Dedicated to RIS Technology for over 30 years!

Innovation since 1985

HSS has been designing, implementing and supporting hospital based information systems for over 30 years and is the largest independent RIS provider in Europe, with installations at over 175 public and private hospitals nationwide. CRIS is installed in some of the most complex clinical environments in the world and facilitates the safe and secure storage and retrieval of radiology records for more than half of the UK population.

CRIS Modules

CRIS can be supplied in conjunction with a wide array of additional modules to enhance and support broader aspects of radiology workflow including:

A new web based solution, built using the latest leading edge technology, provides users with a greater level of granular reporting control with the emphasis on providing flexible worklists and enhanced functionality. Increased individual user productivity is achieved through tighter integration with Voice Recognition software. A brand new UI offers a simple, fast and configurable user experience.


The module allows system administrators to electronically assign vetting requests to named clinicians. Predefined vetting protocols can be created and assigned to a particular event in the context of the examination being vetted and can be dynamically edited as required. The vetting list highlights bottle-necks in the workflow which enables proactive assignment or reassignment of work.


From enterprise reporting and data discovery to mobile productivity and real-time discovery, CRIS Analytics will provide organisations with the full breadth of capabilities needed to transform data into real-time intelligence. The module provides clear, useful and valuable business information through a visual display of data in easy-to-read charts.

Sessions Module

The module supports collaboration within the radiology department via the automatic facilitation of meetings, such as with colleagues from other departments. Once a session has commenced, the relevant CRIS reports can be accessed and new events added. Contributors to the session can then add comments and assign actions to a specific event or to the overall meeting, using VR and digital dictation.

Integration Engine

The integration module enables the electronic exchange of event information between hospitals. One or multiple CRIS events - including the associated PACS images - can be sent directly to another hospital and the receipt status proactively monitored. The respective events remain locked within CRIS until the corresponding report has been completed and received back via the IEP integration module.


HSS Communicator enables hospitals to improve patient safety by speeding up communication between radiology and other departments, including primary care providers. Communicator enables rapid communication with referrers to ensure patients with critical findings are seen more quickly. An audit trail of messages sent and acknowledgements received is provided.

Find out why we’re market leaders in RIS

CRIS is a radiology information system (RIS) used to manage medical imagery, associated data and departmental workflow. The major functions of the RIS include: patient scheduling, resource management, examination performance tracking, examination interpretation, results distribution and procedure billing.


The solution architecture is scalable and can support for example, integration with multiple global PAS, PACS and EPR vendors from multiple institutions enabling cross organisational workflow and patient referrals. Flexible configuration allows seamless interaction between both clinicians and institutions.


CRIS is integrated to almost every vendor’s key hospital information systems including PAS, EPR, Order Communications and PACS using standard DICOM, HL7 and XML interfaces. CRIS enables a network teleradiology model facilitating connection to the hospital RIS and PACS to support remote reporting.


Compared to competitors, CRIS is both user friendly, rich in functionality and easily transferable into non NHS medical environments. The hardware and data can be hosted locally, or it can be provided as a fully managed service to support, for example, teleradiology.

How it works

CRIS can be deployed in a dedicated or virtualized environment (Live, Test and Training). Hospitals can host or HSS can deliver a hosted solution via a fully managed service model.


The CRIS architecture comprises of core modules with external HL7 integrations to other HIS system (eg patient demographics from PACS, examination details from the Order Comms system)


CRIS also supports an interoperability platform that allows cross organizational reporting. It uses an approach which maintains existing clinical feeder systems, reconciles patient demographic variables and removes the requirement for costly replacement programmes, data migrations and service interruptions.


The solution is scalable, standard conformant and delivers industry leading storage and image streaming technologies which require minimal client resources.

RIS functionality on the move

Mobile CRIS provides a significant step towards a complete integrated ‘paperless’ radiology workflow and reflects our ethos to improve user experience and organisational efficiency through innovation.


Mobile CRIS has been designed to support the drive towards paperless working. Utilising current electronic ordering and reporting methods and incorporating familiar technology and workflows, Mobile CRIS offers an efficient and secure wireless solution.


The app supports multiple modality work lists, full post processing, contrast documentation and stock and resource allocation.

Introducing the next generation in RIS Driven Reporting

CRIS Reporting is our new web based reporting module, built using the latest leading-edge technology and with over 32 years expertise in RIS, it provides users with a greater level of granular reporting control with the emphasis on providing flexible worklists and enhanced functionality.


The modules brand new UI, derived from leading design principles, provides users with a simple, fast and configurable user experience whilst also enabling user driven based worklists with flexible worklist management in a lightweight workflow.


Seamless interoperability with major PACs vendors to enhance the overall user experience of two interoperable applications, the solution also offers increased individual user productivity through tighter integration with Voice Recognition software.

Feel the power of effective BI

From enterprise reporting and data discovery to mobile productivity and real-time discovery, CRIS Analytics provides organisations the full breadth of capabilities needed to transform your data into real-time intelligence.


A sophisticated web based tool that enables you to view radiology data in real time, the module provides clear, useful and valuable business information through a visual display of data in easy-to-read charts. Users are able to analyse and drill down on the meta data associated within Radiology reports.


The solution supports decision making and effecting change through meaningful data analysis to support:


— Smarter use of resources and capacity management

— Monitoring quality improvement

— Predicting and preventing DNA’s

— Assurances – decisions back-up by analytics and trend analysis


An intuitive and easy to use chart builder supports the creation of additional charts.

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